WOD: 10-12-12

If he can do it, then so can you!

Strength:  Front Squat (5 lbs heavier than last week)


WOD:  3 rounds for time of:

6 Muscle Ups
60 Air Squats


When you see the strength portion up there, it does say to add 5 lbs.  Now imagine doing 100 Back Squats at 5 additional pounds then you did the last time…so easy.  Please note that we are doing the bounty of reps now so as to create a solid Front Squat foundation once the weights get heavier.  That sentence can also be read as “please do it right now to ensure that you do it later”.  If doing it right consists of you going lighter despite of what I just said, then so be it.  You all know what the proper Front Squat looks like by now, so keep an eye out for each other.

At this time next Friday, 16 coaches/members will be heading down to Milford, CT for a competition.  If you don’t have any weekend plans, come one down and cheer.  If you have weekend plans, cancel them and come!  Either way, make sure you get some good post WOD mobility after the WOD.  A bizillion squats is nothing to ignore if you want to have an ambulatory weekend.  Also, if you would like to sub out some Bar Muscle Ups in place of Ring Muscle Ups, feel free to do so.  That sentence can also read: “this is for practice and not to be used as a replacement for the WOD…and also don’t hurt yourselves.”

I worry about you,



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